How to Help



Become involved by joining our association and attend meetings, offer insight, volunter, or donating to one of  our high priority projects.


If you are interested in participating in one of your current projects contact us or show up at the next meeing.  If you have a project goal of your own then please share it with us and let's make a difference!


Providing multilingual learning materials for K thru 12 schools and adult education programs. This program is the platform for progressive action to increase food safety for our community. Please contact us for booklets.


The Task Force is developing a guidance document with tips for travelers coming to our state.


Designed to inform our valued tourists on how to be food safe while enjoying the multitude of exciting and exotic cuisines available throughout the State of Nevada.

Our State and County Health Departments license and inspect food establishments, making Nevada one of the safest destinations in the world. Serving over 71 million commercial meals a year.


These tips will also include a number of personal hygiene practices to help stay healthy during the visit.





Click on the hands to play fun games and learn interesting facts.  This link is directed to the scrub club a fun site for handwashing education supported by NSF.


We are raising funds to establish a scholarship program.  Currently under development, our program goal is to provide funds to cover food safety training or tuition and travel to attend food safety conferences.  We work closely with the Nevada Environmental Health Association.



Our group hosts educational conferences offering continuing education hours.  We welcome suggestions and ideas for this year.